Hi, i am Maria Carolina

I'm a Systems Analyst and Web Designer since 2015, working on the development of graphic arts and custom websites on the Wordpress platform.

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Maria Carolina - Web Designer
Maria Carolina - Web Designer
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Maria Carolina, 26 years old. I was born in São Paulo, but I have other places in my heart. Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development from UNOPAR.

In addition to study, I have been a web designer since 2015 and a content creator since 2019, where I have a YouTube channel about Entertainment and Pop Culture.

I started in this universe still on those old blogs because I wanted to leave my blog the way I wanted it, but without finding any theme that arrived exactly where I wanted it.

I don’t see myself in another area, because I fell in love with design and programming, always looking for something else to learn. Also, I can express my creativity and I think it’s the best feeling in the world, being able to deliver something that will change people’s lives in some way.

Personalized and exclusive websites on the Wordpress platform, without using premade templates. Everything suited to your audience and your needs, in the way you see fit.

web design

Design for all needs and audiences, which can be for social media (bonus in the package!), events or design in general for inside and outside digital.


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